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Durham District School Board

Restorative Practice is a way of thinking and being that involves staff and students working with each other in a manner that is both firm (consistent, explicit, with high standards) and fair (validates everyone's input and ideas provides explanations and sets clear expectations). In this climate, a sense of community is developed, and everyone is held accountable for his or her own actions.

York Region District School Board

Restorative Approaches

In York Region, some staff and schools have chosen to adopt Restorative Approaches as a framework to address conflicts so that in a conflict situation no one is left behind and everyone is a part of the solution. When we take the time to do this, we increase school safety, build community and create a sense of belonging. 


Where differences arise in our schools, we have a responsibility to work together to seek just and equitable solutions and to ensure the dignity of all who are involved in a conflict situation. The focus is on positive discipline, accountability, and support. 

Restorative Approaches is an important part of the YRDSB commitment to building positive climates for learning

Limestone District School Board

MEND - (Mediating Ends Negative Disagreements)

The MEND approach is a restorative practice that focuses on relationship building within LDSB school communities.

MEND supports preventative community building in classrooms, provides restorative training for staff and students and responsively assists students in conflict to find restorative resolutions.

MEND (Mediating by Empowering using Nurturing Dialogue) is a collaborative Youth Diversion/LDSB initiative. 

MEND Program Information:

MEND began as a pilot program in 2006. It was initially funded by the Ministry of Child and Youth Services together with funding from both the Ontario Education Services Corporation and the Ministry of Education.

MEND continues today as an integral part of LDSB’s strategic plan and YDP’s approach. This has been made possible by funding from LDSB, the Ontario Trillium foundation, the Ministry of Child and Youth Services and our Kingston community.

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Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

Policies for Safe, Caring & Restorative Schools

Board policies state the general principles that guide the school system in all areas.  They are set and  reviewed regularly by elected trustees, and posted in the Boardroom section of  Draft policies on which the Board is seeking comments from the school community also are posted on the website.   

Administrative regulations are more specific.  They offer details on how administration and schools will carry out Board policies.  Administrative regulations also are posted in the Boardroom section of our website.

Algonquin Lakeshore Catholic District School Board

Restorative Practice ​is a way of thinking and being based on a foundation of caring, collaborative, and respectful relationships. Restorative Practice builds and strengthens healthy relationships and community and provides a supportive framework to prevent, respond to, and repair harm through a continuum of practice. 

The Algonquin and Lakeshore Catholic District School Board utilizes circle, a program that demonstrates the foundations of restorative practice. 

Durham Catholic District School Board

Restorative practice rests on the belief that it is best to do things with people rather than to them, by engaging them in fair process and responding to behaviour in ways that involve strengthening and repairing relationships. Restorative practice is not about removing control from the offender. Instead, it is a balance between control and support. It is a collaborative approach versus a confrontational setting of discipline, classroom management and relationships.

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